pee dee recycling

Pluffmud Recycling offers a simple, reliable and convenient way to handle all of your recycling needs.

Single Stream Recycling

Single-stream (also known as co-mingled) recycling refers to a system in which all papers, plastics, metals, and glass are mixed into one container, instead of being sorted. All recycling done with Pluffmud is single stream.

We do single-stream recycling for two reasons:

  • It is the easiest, most convenient way for our customers.
  • It is the most secure way of knowing that it is being recycled properly and not ending up in landfills.

All commingled recyclables are carried to a MRF (materials recovery facility) where they are sorted, baled, and shipped to mills and the recyclables are made into new products.


Our residential service is second to none. We offer convenient, reliable service to everyone in the Pee-Dee area.

Our residential service includes:

  • Weekly convenient pick-up
  • 65 gallon roll-cart provided
  • No sorting service


Our commercial service makes recycling at the workplace hassle-free and convenient. We know you have better things to do.

Our commercial service includes:

  • Convenient pick-up scheduling
  • Desk-side small bins provided
  • 95 gallon roll-carts provided
  • No sorting service

We service hospitals, hotels, churches, banks, retail stores, schools and office buildings, just to name a few.