pluffmud recycling


Single-stream or co-mingled recycling refers to a recycling process in which all papers, plastics, metals and glass are mixed into one container, instead of being sorted. This allows for an easy and convenient way for our customers to recycle.


We cater to the home-owner as well. We provide a 65 gallon roll-cart for your home and pick-up service is once a week. All recyclables go into the same roll-cart. It’s that easy!


We provide a simple and convenient recycling program for your business. We provide both desk-side recycling bins as well as 95 gallon roll-carts. Fill-up the desk-side bin, empty it into the roll-cart, and we take it from there!

Why choose Pluffmud?

Sixteen years of recycling experience.

  • Family friendly service
  • Independently owned and operated
  • We offer a truly simple, reliable and convenient way to recycle

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